More Study Resources

The Bible is God's Life Changing Truth! 

The studies listed below can help you dive into the Bible in a way that will be truly productive in every way! 

Study them alone, with a friend, with a group of friends. Enjoy!

  • The GOSPEL

    Check out our Gospel page for a quick explanation of The Gospel, and a simple way to share.

    If you would like something more in depth, you can download an explanation HERE.

  • the gospel of mark

    The New Testament begins with four accounts (stories) about the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Of these four, the one written by Mark is the shortest and most concise. This Bible Study covers the 16 chapters of the Gospel of Mark in 54 half-page reading guides designed to give you the basic background and ideas of a short Bible section (usually no more than half a chapter). New to reading the Bible? These reading guides will help give you understanding and confidence. And for experienced Bible readers these guides can give you fresh perspectives and insight. Download

  • salvation 101

    Joy! The more one understands salvation the more joy! And not only joy, but confidence, power, meaning, significance & security! And these and more come with a greater and greater understanding of what the Bible means by the word SALVATION! This short 3 1/2 page study is designed to cover the basics of what it means to be salved. Download

  • spiritual vitamins

    Doctors and nutritionists remind us that, to be healthy, our bodies need a balanced diet and all the the basic vitamins. This is also true of the Christian life. This short study can help you with the seven basic spiritual vitamins so necessary for spiritual health. Download

  • the big sweep

    The Bible is a big book! But it all fits together like a beautiful puzzle. Using 21 short devotions along with suggesting Bible readings this reading guide will give you the big picture of the Bible. By the end of this study you will see how God's Word all fits together. Download

  • faith 101 - reading track

    Everything in the Bible can be summed up under a few major topics. God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Mankind, Sin, Salvation, Angels, Satan, Demons, Church, and Future Events are the major topics of the Bible. In this study each major topic is addressed in a one or two page format giving the student an overview of the fundamentals for each topic.  Download