Login to the church app

  • First, download MinistryOne on your phone. 

Have an iPhone? Go to the Apple App Store    /    Have an Android Phone? Go to Google Play

  • Open the app, and search "Hill Country Community Church"

  • Select us. You will be brought to the home-page. To sign-in, tap the "Profile" module

  • Select "Sign in with username and password." Your username is always firstname.lastname (e.g. al.hester). For first-time logins, use "forgot password"   NOTE: These are your Clover People credentials. If you've already signed into Clover People, use that password instead, because this will update your password on both sides.

  • This will email you your password. Check your email for the password, then come back to MinistryOne to input it.

  • This is a one-time process! From now on, you will be automatically signed-in. 

For a Video about accessing MinistryOne, click here.