Why should I give online?

It's quick, easy, and helpful! While all contributions are appreciated, here are a few reasons why giving online is so great!

  • It's fast. You can give online in 2 minutes, anytime.
  • It's secure. Our platform follows all the same guidelines that your bank does.
  • It's convenient. You can make your donation recurring and not have to worry about it!

Learn more about online giving below!

How to give online

  1. Choose a FUND in the drop down then add the AMOUNT you wish to donate and click DONATE.
  2. Add additional FUNDS and AMOUNTS and then click on MAKE THIS GIFT RECURRING if you wish to setup scheduled giving. 
  3. Choose to use your debit or credit CARD or your BANK ACCOUNT. Donations made through your bank account helps cut our cost for this online giving service. 

how to make a recurring donation

  1. On our Giving Page, Click the Recurring tab. 
  2. Choose the Fund you'd like to give to and enter the Amount.
  3. Select your frequency, start date, and payment method.
  4. You're done 👍🏼

Still have questions?

Let us know by submitting our Contact Form, and we'll get back to you shortly!