tom & pam wolski

Tom and Pam are working with a local church through evangelism, apologetics and counter-cult ministry in Guadalajara
  • Country of Service: Mexico
  • Home Church: Corona de Amor E.V Free Church

We hope and pray that you and your loved ones are doing well and enjoying the warmth and fun of summer. We are thankful that the rainy season has begun here in Chapala after seven dry and dusty months. And grateful for the vacation we took earlier this month, and the new used vehicle that the Lord has provided for us (more on these below). We join with you in thanking God for His great faithfulness to us, His dear children! — ¨Your love, LORD, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies¨ (Ps 36:5). 

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Personal information

Birthdays:  Tom 3-21 ; Pam 4-2 ; Anniversary  7/17

Latest newsletter

We hope and pray that you and your loved ones are doing well and enjoying the ending weeks of summer. We wish you all the best in the coming school year, whatever form that may take for you and your family. Here in Ensenada, Mexico, we are coming to the close of the summer, too, as classes will begin soon on the campus of

Calvary Chapel Bible College (CCBC) Ensenada, where we´ve been renting a small apartment since late-June

(when we arrived from La Manzanilla, Mexico).  We are sending you this

special letter to let you know of some exciting developments in our life

and ministry over the past few weeks, and a special request for your          input and prayers. We are so grateful for your past prayers for us for the     Lord´s clear direction, as we have seen the Lord answering your prayers! 


As we mentioned in our last newsletter, we had thought that the Lord might be leading us to minister in an area south of Ensenada called the San Quintin

                                     Valley workers (, mostly from OaxacaSQV), with a group that works . We spent some days with indigenous  Mexicathem, ln earned agricultural more about their ministry, visited their church/Bible College, and met Mexicans with

whom they work. The Lord continued to stir our hearts about the challenges of the indigenous as they make a life in areas where they are considered outcasts, and the even greater challenges for those that accept Christ and then seek to bring the Gospel back to their families in Oaxaca.  However, due to the large amounts of dust in SQV (known as ¨the dust bowl¨), and the effects on both my (Tom´s) and Pam´s allergies, it became clear that it would not be wise for us to minister in the SQV.  But we are grateful for all we learned there, which we know the Lord can help us to use in the future, and I was also able to share some ministry resources with them, which they said they appreciated very much. 


And so, back in Ensenada in mid/late July, we continued seeking the

Lord´s will for where to live and serve, visiting a number of good       churches, meeting pastors/leaders, and talking with leaders at the CCBC      campus where we´ve been staying. One of the churches we visited was

Calvary Chapel Rosarito, led by Pastor Mike Vincent. It turned out that they were having a Church Planting Conference on August 9-10, most of which we were then able to attend. And on Aug 12th they resumed their weekly classes for their ongoing Church Planting Class, which we were invited (by Pastor Mike) to attend, and did attend. 


In our conversations with Pastor Mike it was agreed that the Lord has been stirring our hearts for some time in the direction of church planting, as we talked about in our newsletters earlier this year when I received some mentoring by house-church planter Wayne in the La Manzanilla area. And when we moved to La

Manzanilla in Dec of last year, and lived there for 6 months, I, along with Pastor Arturo of the Melaque Baptist Church, was involved in ongoing outreach to the many Mexican construction workers there, leading to the church plant called La Iglesia Cristiana La Manzanilla (The La Manzanilla Christian Church) in late May.


Pastor Mike has already had more than 20 church plants started from his Church Planting Class over the past 17 years, and he said that, since we are already full-time missionaries who have been serving in Mexico for 5 years, he could foresee the possibility that the Lord could enable us to do a church plant after a year in the Church Planting Class and fulfilling its requirements. (Requirements include weekly class attendance, weekly training/practice in sermon preparation [with Pam´s to be used for women´s ministry], weekly church attendance and service, ongoing study through the Bible, written assignments, weekly leadership of a cell group, etc.) And so this is very exciting to us, and we thank God for this opportunity. We ask you to please pray for God´s perfect will to be done in all of this, for His glory, amen!


One particular way in which we are seeking your input and prayer is in the area of our housing. By the end of next week (Aug 24th) we will need to leave the apartment that we´ve been renting on the campus of the CCBC in Ensenada, since it will be needed for incoming

students/teachers for this fall semester. However, the leaders of the college said that we are welcome to stay on the campus in an RV or

trailer, along with a number of other trailers that they already have on a secure section of the campus, if we were able to purchase or

rent one of our own. Staying on the campus in this way at least until the end of October would be advantageous to us because in October we plan take a 3-week, 5-days-a-week class on the Book of Romans taught at this CCBC campus. (This would be in addition to the Church Planting Class.) And so we are seeking to know if you, or someone you may know, may have an RV or trailer that could be lent/rented to us at least until the end of October. (Due to Pam´s environmental sensitivities, we would need to drive to where the trailer is in order to check it out first; we live 1½ hours from the border. ) And so we would really appreciate your prayers and input regarding this. Thank you! And please also let us know any ways we could be praying for you, too! 

praise & prayer requests

Praise Reports:

 Our church-planting training program is going very well.

 We are continuing to experience a revival of our love for God, His Word, and for prayer.

 Pam ́s skin condition continues to be better in the less-intense sunshine of Northern Mexico.

Prayer requests as of 11-16-19:.

 For our trip to the Chicago area (Thanksgiving to mid-Dec)—for safe travel, wonderful visits with friends,

family, and ministry partners, and continued blessed times with the Lord in prayer and in His Word .

 For the Lord to provide a vehicle for us to drive during our 3-week stay in Chicago (Nov 26-Dec 17th).

 For the Lord to lead us regarding how to serve Him upon the completion of the church-planting training

(end of May 2019).

 For continued prayers for our health to be strong.

 For the Lord to provide financially for our personal and ministry needs.