randy & adena wildman

Both of us -

-Language study and cultural acquisition for our new location.

-Team leaders for the SIM team in our city.  That means we support our teammates, serve as the contact point with SIM  director, facilitate group decision making when necessary, coordinate functioning of team roles.  We also serve on the SIM Leadership Team, mostly remotely. 

-Sharing our faith as we have opportunity

Randy -

-Hopes to disciple individuals and do discipleship training.  This hasn't started yet. 

-Planning to take a training course in Teaching English as a Second Language. 

-Accompanying director of national missionaries to visit and encourage national missionaries.  

Adena -

-Organizing teacher training workshops for ECWA (denomination SIM partners with) primary schools

-Planning to take a training course in teaching English as a Second Language in August. 

-Hospitality for visitors

personal information


   Randy - 1-29

   Adena - 6/20



email:  Randy.wildman@sim.org

Skype:  Randy.wildman

PO Box 7900
Charlotte, NC  28241

Please use comments page for personal mail address and cellphone numbers

prayer requests


Randy is working with a couple of Nigerian believers here in Kano to explore housing options for the 4 new Ethiopian families due to arrive in Nigeria in February.  Initially they will likely live in Kano to learn language and culture, and then some may move further east.  Please pray for adequate affordable housing, and please pray for the 4 families as they prepare to move to Nigeria. Our observation is that those who come to work among the people group these families are planning to reach out to are especially targeted by the evil one. 

We are thankful for the gift of 2 boxes of delightful books and teaching materials we brought back from the youth group of Living Gospel Church, long-time partners.  Tricia and Adena will select books and supplies for our own little library and reading class and distribute the other supplies to schools around Kano. 

SIM colleagues John and Abi Hunt relocated last week from Jos to Tofa Bible College, an hour from Kano.  SIM Nigeria sees their presence at the Bible College as strategic, since many of the students graduating from the school become Christian workers in Nigeria’s north.  John and Abi are fluent in Hausa and understand northern culture, so they are ideal for this placement.  Please pray for them as they settle and prepare to teach and mentor. 

We are watching for opportunities to share the Message with our Friends.  Two of our English students and their families said they will visit us Christmas Day.  Others will probably stop by between now and then.  Pray that the seeds being planted, like that with A. this week, will germinate. 

God’s working in Halima’s heart through the conversation we had with her on our flight and that future contact will develop. 

We plan to go to Jos (Jan. 1) and Miango for SIM’s annual Spiritual Life Conference and a mediation training (Jan. 3-7), returning to Kano Jan. 8.