randy & adena wildman

Both of us -

-Language study and cultural acquisition for our new location.

-Team leaders for the SIM team in our city.  That means we support our teammates, serve as the contact point with SIM  director, facilitate group decision making when necessary, coordinate functioning of team roles.  We also serve on the SIM Leadership Team, mostly remotely. 

-Sharing our faith as we have opportunity

Randy -

-Hopes to disciple individuals and do discipleship training.  This hasn't started yet. 

-Planning to take a training course in Teaching English as a Second Language. 

-Accompanying director of national missionaries to visit and encourage national missionaries.  

Adena -

-Organizing teacher training workshops for ECWA (denomination SIM partners with) primary schools

-Planning to take a training course in teaching English as a Second Language in August. 

-Hospitality for visitors

personal information


   Randy - 1-29

   Adena - 6/20



email:  Randy.wildman@sim.org

Skype:  Randy.wildman

PO Box 7900
Charlotte, NC  28241

Please use comments page for personal mail address and cellphone numbers

prayer requests


  1. You might remember our asking you to pray for Friends from a distant land who received a Bible in their language which the Lord provided, before we left for our home assignment.  We had a joyful reunion last week and will be meeting regularly.  Please pray that the Word will bear fruit and that fear would be replaced by the awareness of the Father’s love and care.  Please also pray for deliverance from a smoking addiction and that it will be obvious that it was the Lord who delivered. 
  2. The 30 day Ramadan Fast starts April 12.  This link provides daily prayer information during the fast.  https://www.30daysprayer.com/
  3. Wisdom regarding starting new English as a Second Language classes, including how to respond to A’s invitation.  You might remember that we were previously invited to start an ESL class in another part of the city.  For various reasons including COVID that class hasn’t started. Adena’s Nigerian ESL assistants have carried on with the existing ESL classes in Adena’s absence and are willing to help with new classes.  It would also be wonderful to have another missionary involved. 
  4. Ethiopian families.  The 2 men of the Ethiopian families here in Kano finished the 4 week Hausa class this week.  Their wives seem to be benefitting from the ESL classes.  The 2 Ethiopian families in the Nigerian city further east are working on Hausa with the wife of their Nigerian colleague.  The heat of northern Nigeria is an adjustment for all 4 families.  We were delighted to meet the 3 families from further east in the other city while we were isolating there and they came to that city for a break from the heat. 
Discipleship opportunities.  The pastor of the large church which meets across the road again indicated interest in Randy meeting with leaders from his church to orient them to the Equipping the Saints discipleship approach.  Please pray that this will happen, and that the discipleship training will impact the passions and attitudes of those who attend.  Several of the individuals Randy was meeting with before we left have indicated they would like to restart discipleship classes.