Dan & Kathy Stowell

  Dan:  Christian Heritage College, Seminario Batista de Carirri, Faith Baptist Counseling Ministries

  Kathie:  Seminario Batista Do Carriri

Language:  Portuguese

Ben & Kristiana

Ben is an MK from Ecuador & Kristiana was raised in the mission's field and is Dan & Kathie's daughter.

Ben and Kristiana with their five children have been a blessing.  The kids are adjusting well and trying out (or wearing) some of the exotic foods Brazil has to offer.

We are so thankful to have you praying for us and supporting our work and ministry here. Your faithfulness and love towards us keeps us moving along. Please pray for the leaders being trained up to take the gospel to the world, and for Ben and Kristiana as the settle into the work here.  


You would think that having Ben and Kristiana Buckman living in the same city we would see them all the time.  Although we do some of the same things and are together at least once a week, we must set a date, Friday evenings, for game night with our grandkids.  You could also say that Dan is responsible to teach PE in their homeschooling.  So, at present PE is learning to kite surf.  


In July-August Kathie spent seven weeks in Texas and four days in Chula Vista helping with family situations.  Kathie's mom and dad, Sam & Betsy Burton, are 95 and 94 years old.  Betsy recently had colostomy surgery.  She is doing well, adjusting to a new way of life, needing more in home care.   Kathie and her sisters are working out a rotating schedule to meet this need.