Dan & Kathy Stowell

Praise from the field!  Dan Stowell, our missionary in Brazil just performed weddings for newer Christians.  They live in the slums and just live together because lack of money. Some also have children.  But now that they know Jesus they want to do what is right.  They have 2 services, one civil then one at the church.  

Ben & Kristiana

Ben is an MK from Ecuador & Kristiana was raised in the mission's field and is Dan & Kathie's daughter.

Ben and Kristiana with their five children have been a blessing.  The kids are adjusting well and trying out (or wearing) some of the exotic foods Brazil has to offer.

We are so thankful to have you praying for us and supporting our work and ministry here. Your faithfulness and love towards us keeps us moving along. Please pray for the leaders being trained up to take the gospel to the world, and for Ben and Kristiana as the settle into the work here.  


  Dan:  Christian Heritage College, Seminario Batista de Carirri, Faith Baptist Counseling Ministries

  Kathie:  Seminario Batista Do Carriri

Language:  Portuguese

1. Ben Buckman and Dan will teach a class at the ABCB (ACBC) Biblical counseling conference in Fortaleza in three weeks. It’s Ben’s first time to teach. Please pray for both of us. They are expecting several hundred people to attend.

2. Dan’s brain has ”EXPLODED” ”OVERLOADED” trying to figure out social media and communicating with computers and networks. Please Lord, come quickly!

Dan has spent literally hours trying to work with MailChimp, fb, e-mail, etc. He just doesn’t get it, but he can still share the gospel and hammer a nail. We don’t know if you get our letters, and apparently many have not, others have. Someone has come to help and found something wrong and fixed it. That helped a lot. It is and has been very frustrating.

Pray for Dan.

3. Our son-in-law, Jesse Houston Fulcher has been accepted by the Border Patrol and is in training as we speak. He is in Artesia, New Mexico and will be stationed on a border town Carrizo Springs, Texas. He left three weeks ago and the training is six months. He and Analisa have four children. Pray for Jesse. He has to learn basic Spanish commands and all the other training.

Pray for Analisa. She is home alone with the four children. We had thought of Kathie spending six weeks with her to help in August, but that would put a dent in our finances.

4. Dan and Ben have another trip the end of July to the state of Rondônia to teach biblical principles for living to several Indian tribes. There is quite a lot of suicides, drugs and alcohol, and marriage issues among the tribes. This seems to be a wide-open ministry for us. Pray for wisdom and finances to make the trips.

5. Kathie has had a heavy load mostly in counseling single ladies in their late 20’s. All are members of good churches here but have the temptations of same sex relationships. Kathie has studied and learned a lot on how to help and give hope. Pray for wisdom.

6. Dan has done many conferences in the churches always looking to train up future leaders. Two of the conferences were a translated version of Dave Ramsey finances. The burden of debt is sometimes overwhelming. One testimony of a man who took Dan’s biblical teaching seriously says, “I paid a debt at a hardware store from two years ago. Every day I remember of another debt I have to pay from the past”. Scriptures are clear that we should “Owe nothing to anyone except to love one another; . . . “ (Romans 13.8). Whether it is money or anything else.