Rhrett & Stacey Stous

Rhett grew up at Hill Country, went off to Bible School, met Stacey and now they and their four boys are in Papua New Guinea serving with Ethnos360. Currently they are nearing the end of on the field training and will soon choose a people group. They and a team will go to live in a village, learn the language, teach the people how to read, translate the Bible into that language and seek to share the gospel and plant a church. 

Pray for the stous's

  • Pray for team formation. At this point several new missionary families are working together to form up teams and choose the villages each team will work in. Pray for clear wisdom and guidance and unity.
  • Pray for health and safety as they prepare to move to their new home.
  • Pray for the boys to be accepted and adjust quickly to their new environment.