rhett & Stacie Stous

Rhett grew up at Hill Country, went off to Bible School, met Stacie and now they and their four boys are in Papua New Guinea serving with Ethnos360. They and a team will live in Kovol, learn the language, teach the people how to read, translate the Bible into that language and seek to share the gospel and plant a church.

Before the Throne

Please be praying for the health of the Kovol people. Thank God Covid still hasn't reached them, but there are other nasty sicknesses passing through and causing problems. 

Pray for us and our partners as we try to find our way back into the bush, but also take advantage of our time out.

Pray for our the PNG government as they try to navigate Covid outbreaks and policy making and pray for our leadership as they have to keep things running in the face of shifting regulations

Pray for the Stanleys who will be speaking in England's Bible School and Missionary training. They're also getting ready to return in the beginning of 2022