The Mission of Hill Country is to REACH out with the good news of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. 

We believe in living out our faith with love and integrity so as to attract others to Jesus.

We believe in training ourselves to give clear, honest answers to those seeking to understand Jesus.

We believe in building bridges  looking for opportunities to share our faith.

We are always looking for new and creative ways to build those bridges.

the Three ways we Reach...

Personal Reach

We seek to train individuals to be able to share their story and clearly explain and defend the gospel.

Group Reach

We seek to create small groups who use a shared interest to build bridges so as to share the gospel.

Event Reach

We seek to have occasional all church fun activities and invite others to share in our love for the gospel.

learn to share your faith...

You and I may never become a great evangelist leading thousands to faith.

But we can learn to share our own story!

And we can learn a clear and simple explanation of the good news of salvation and joy in Jesus!

Click HERE for a brief explanation of the gospel

Click HERE for a paper that can help you learn to share your faith.