Dave & Patsy Alfors

         Happy Thanksgiving!  We know that many of you will be having a scaled-back celebration this year due to Covid.  In the midst of difficulties and disappointments may God give each of us grateful hearts.



         Tomorrow, November 22, MT and Michael, another evangelist, will be going to a town about an hour away where some Mxslxms have expressed interest in knowing more about Jesus. Pray for the Holy Spirit to open their hearts to the truth about Jesus.

         Pray for MT and the evangelists who will be meeting together November 26.  Pray that they will spur one another on to reach out to their Mxslxm neighbors and to persevere in following up those who want to know more about Jesus.

         Pray for those interested in the Gospel from seeing ads on social media to come forward so they can be followed up properly.

new fulbe bible

May 5th, 2018, there was a large gathering of Fulbe believers to celebrate the dedication of the Arabic-script Fulfulde Bible, which has finally been printed and is ready for distribution.  It was a time of great celebration and joy! Hearing the testimonies of those who have suffered greatly for their faith but are still standing strong was a tremendous encouragement for those who are weaker in their faith.   

-Pray that this version of the Bible will encourage the believers and lead many other Fulbe to Christ. 

-Pray that as these brothers and sisters in Christ return home they will have the vision and encouragement to press on and reach their people with the Gospel