Dave & Patsy Alfors

         In the midst of difficulties and disappointments may God give each of us grateful hearts.



         Would you pray for the Kingdom to continue to advance?  Would you ask the Lord to grow our faith and hope in Him, even as it means that trials of various kinds will likely be the means of that grace?”


         Praise God that the 2 cow herders who were baptized last month seem to be doing well.  Pray that they will grow strong in their faith and in sharing the Good News with those they meet.

         In the same village where the 2 cow herders are from MT says there are 2 other young men and their wives who are very interested in following Jesus, but they are afraid of negative repercussions from their families.  MT encouraged them from his own experience and said, "Persecution is what all followers of Jesus inherit with their salvation. It's normal, and God will bring you through the difficulties." 

         Suzanne has started a Bible study with MT’s wife and another woman who is young in her faith. Pray that they will grow in their spiritual understanding and in obedience to Christ.  

         Kerry, our teammate from England, arrived this week.  It’s great to be all together as a team again, along with Scott and Lee.  Pray for clarity and wisdom as we follow where God is leading us.


new fulbe bible

May 5th, 2018, there was a large gathering of Fulbe believers to celebrate the dedication of the Arabic-script Fulfulde Bible, which has finally been printed and is ready for distribution.  It was a time of great celebration and joy! Hearing the testimonies of those who have suffered greatly for their faith but are still standing strong was a tremendous encouragement for those who are weaker in their faith.   

-Pray that this version of the Bible will encourage the believers and lead many other Fulbe to Christ. 

-Pray that as these brothers and sisters in Christ return home they will have the vision and encouragement to press on and reach their people with the Gospel