randy & adena wildman

Both of us -

-Language study and cultural acquisition for our new location.

-Team leaders for the SIM team in our city.  That means we support our teammates, serve as the contact point with SIM  director, facilitate group decision making when necessary, coordinate functioning of team roles.  We also serve on the SIM Leadership Team, mostly remotely. 

-Sharing our faith as we have opportunity

Randy -

-Hopes to disciple individuals and do discipleship training.  This hasn't started yet. 

-Planning to take a training course in Teaching English as a Second Language. 

-Accompanying director of national missionaries to visit and encourage national missionaries.  

Adena -

-Organizing teacher training workshops for ECWA (denomination SIM partners with) primary schools

-Planning to take a training course in teaching English as a Second Language in August. 

-Hospitality for visitors

personal information


   Randy - 1-29

   Adena - 6/20



email:  Randy.wildman@sim.org

Skype:  Randy.wildman

PO Box 7900
Charlotte, NC  28241

Please use comments page for personal mail address and cellphone numbers

prayer requests

  • Praise
    We asked you to pray for the March 23 follow-up election in Kano State.  While there were some disturbances, the Lord’s hand quelling violence when the incumbent governor was announced as winner was obvious. 


    As Othniel, Elijah, and others participate in discipleship classes with Randy, please pray that the Light of God’s Word would impact their families, other relationships, and ministries. 

    Rev. MT shared at the weekly Radio Prayer Meeting recently that a man contacted him to say that he had become a Christian as a result of hearing the broadcasts.  Within the next few days, the man led his wife, his children, and 2 of his Koranic students to the Lord!  When Rev. MT subsequently visited him, he met each of these new believers.  Thank you for praying for these and others who are responding to the Light shared on the radio!

    We told you about SIM Nigeria’s efforts toward producing memory cards which could be played in a phone.  Through the help of a supporter we learned that “God’s Story” (www.gods-story.org) is available in the dialect of Hausa spoken in this area.  SIM Nigeria admin has also learned about Spoken Worldwide (www.spoken.org), another approach to telling the story of the Bible.   Please pray as SIM Nigeria selects content and prepares phone memory cards to share with those seeking the Light.  Pray for two Friends with whom we have already shared the God’s Story solar players here in Kano. 

    Pray as the Light is shared through teaching English.  Last time we told about the new English class Adena and Rifkatu would be starting with the mother of A (one of Adena’s current students).  After a bumpy start, this new English class is going well.  Each Wednesday afternoon, Rifkatu and Adena head to the home of A’s mother.  Two Christian women who want to improve their English have also been coming, and last week A’s sister also joined the class.  Please continue to pray for each of the students:  for progress in learning English and that God’s Word will dispel the darkness of their present belief systems. 

    Adena has been asked to facilitate some sessions in a Teacher Training workshop May 11 in Jos.  Participants include teachers from schools where the children of EMS (the missionary arm of ECWA) workers attend.  Adena plans to present training similar to some of what was presented in our Teach to Make a Difference workshops last August.   Please pray for Adena as she prepares and presents and that the training for these teachers will help many children grow scholastically and in their characters. 

    After our SIM colleague Choy Leng completed her term and departed from Nigeria, she left a small Chinese fellowship meeting here.  Martin and Elizabeth Barley led the fellowship monthly until they left for their home assignment, and now Randy has agreed to begin meeting with them monthly.  He hopes to use the Equipping the Saints Building the Basics lessons.  Randy’s first study with them might be May 5 or 19.  Please pray for Randy’s preparations and that this small fellowship will continue to bring Light into the lives of Chinese believers and seekers. 

    We look for other ways to share the Light as we go about our lives here.  Easter weekend Adena shared a little bit about the meaning of Good Friday with 2 workers at the grocery stores where we shop.  Please pray that seeds such as these will germinate. 

    Ramadan, the Muslim month of prayer and fasting, begins May 5.  Please pray 2 Cor. 4:4-6, that the Light of the knowledge of Christ will shine into the hearts of Muslims throughout northern Nigeria.