randy & adena wildman

Both of us -

-Language study and cultural acquisition for our new location.

-Team leaders for the SIM team in our city.  That means we support our teammates, serve as the contact point with SIM  director, facilitate group decision making when necessary, coordinate functioning of team roles.  We also serve on the SIM Leadership Team, mostly remotely. 

-Sharing our faith as we have opportunity

Randy -

-Hopes to disciple individuals and do discipleship training.  This hasn't started yet. 

-Planning to take a training course in Teaching English as a Second Language. 

-Accompanying director of national missionaries to visit and encourage national missionaries.  

Adena -

-Organizing teacher training workshops for ECWA (denomination SIM partners with) primary schools

-Planning to take a training course in teaching English as a Second Language in August. 

-Hospitality for visitors

personal information


   Randy - 1-29

   Adena - 6/20



email:  Randy.wildman@sim.org

Skype:  Randy.wildman

PO Box 7900
Charlotte, NC  28241

Please use comments page for personal mail address and cellphone numbers

prayer requests

  • 1.    Adena’s travel Oct. 3-4.For smooth flights and connections.
  • 2.    Adena’s medical tests to be conclusive and show no concerns.
  • 3.    Wisdom as Adena and her sisters look for ways to help our mom and adjust her living situation.
  • 4.    For Adena’s English class, especially for R, Adena’s assistant, as she continues the classes through mid-November. The Bible component of the English lessons will start in January when we return. Three Christian ladies and 1 other Friend have been coming fairly regularly. Solid relationships are being built.
  • 5.    Randy’s discipleship classes, especially for B, the new believer he is starting with this week.
  • 6.    That the apartment renovations for new missionaries will go smoothly as Mark and his team of workers come from another town.
  • 7.    Randy coping with whatever might come up.
  • 8.    Martin Barley and his Nigerian colleague are organizing and have begun urban ministries.
  • 9.    Choy Leng’s term will end Oct. 31. She does not plan to return for another full term, but she hopes to return for shorter trips. Please pray for God’s continued working in the hearts of the many Chinese in here. Pray that the small Chinese fellowship that Choy Leng has been leading will continue after she departs.