randy & adena wildman

Both of us -

-Language study and cultural acquisition for our new location.

-Team leaders for the SIM team in our city.  That means we support our teammates, serve as the contact point with SIM  director, facilitate group decision making when necessary, coordinate functioning of team roles.  We also serve on the SIM Leadership Team, mostly remotely. 

-Sharing our faith as we have opportunity

Randy -

-Hopes to disciple individuals and do discipleship training.  This hasn't started yet. 

-Planning to take a training course in Teaching English as a Second Language. 

-Accompanying director of national missionaries to visit and encourage national missionaries.  

Adena -

-Organizing teacher training workshops for ECWA (denomination SIM partners with) primary schools

-Planning to take a training course in teaching English as a Second Language in August. 

-Hospitality for visitors

personal information


   Randy - 1-29

   Adena - 6/20



email:  Randy.wildman@sim.org

Skype:  Randy.wildman

PO Box 7900
Charlotte, NC  28241

Please use comments page for personal mail address and cellphone numbers

prayer requests

    1. Please pray for safety and good health for Tricia and me as we travel Aug. 25 and facilitate the teacher training workshop for EMS missionaries and teachers Aug. 26-28, and for each of the trainers.  Please pray that participants will use the training both to further their students’ education and to provide further opportunities to reach animist and Muslim families in the villages where they are stationed. 
    2. Pray for Randy as he continues preparations in our town next week for upcoming visits by various people, including 6 SIM missionaries who will attend the SIM Hausa Language School Sept 9-Oct. 4.  Randy is training O to be the Challenge Row Apartments manager where the SIM missionaries will stay.  Randy also continues with his weekly discipleship meetings Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. 
    3. Preparations for other upcoming teacher training events continue.  Tricia is planning sessions for teachers in ECWA schools our town and beyond. 
    4. Annie, who arrived in our town the week after Tricia, has begun 6 weeks of service in the ECWA Eye Hospital Pharmacy.  She was invited by the hospital administration to put her pharmaceutical training to use by offering suggestions for the further organizing of the pharmacy.  She is open to longer term service. 
    5. R and I will resume the English classes Sept. 5, after 3 weeks’ travel and holiday break.  Yesterday Randy and I went to see the father of one of our students in the hospital.  Even though he is of the other religion, he expressed appreciation when we indicated we would be praying for him.  Please ask the Lord to open the eyes of A’s whole family, including, perhaps, through His healing touch on the father.  Several family members are in positions of influence.  We plan to start the second English class we mentioned before by the end of January.  Please pray the Lord will provide more workers. 
    6. We will both be traveling away from Nigeria the end of September. I will arrive Sept. 26 in San Diego for 3 weeks with my mom and other family members.  Randy will travel to the UK Sept. 28 to attend board meetings for SIM Group (SIM’s vehicle self-insurance group) and join Adena Oct. 3.  We will spend Oct. 22-Nov. 5 in Indiana with family and for my 2-year cancer checkup.