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VitalChurch is made up of a team of pastors who are called to the unique ministry of helping churches through times of transition or crisis. We do this through a proven, biblically-based, three-step process, with the goal of bringing about real and lasting change in every church we serve.


Dave Miles is the executive director for the VitalChurch team. He lives in New York City with his wife, Janet. They’ve been married since June 1980. Together they have three daughters, three sons-in-law, and numerous grandchildren. Dave loves to be a pastor and enjoys the challenge of working with churches in transition. He is the author of the reTurn Resource Kit published by ChurchSmart. He loves to surf, run marathons, play golf, and read books. He has a Th.M. from Dallas Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary.

“The church ought to be a pilot plant where men can see in our congregations and missions a substantial healing of all the divisions, the alienations mans rebellions has produced.” Pg. 47 Francis Schaeffer, “Pollution and the Death of Man,” in The Complete Works of Francis Schaeffer, 5:47

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Website: www.vitalchurchministry.org

Email:  dave.miles@vitalchurchministry.org

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Vital Church Ministry

507 Calle Luego

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7 Endicott Dr

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Cell phone:  917-554-5032


  Dave - 12/23

  Jan - 10-21



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Pray that VitalChurch would navigate the healthy transition we are in as a ministry. Pray for many details to be worked out as VitalChurch continues to grow and expand. Growth is a gift from God but complex.


Pray that discipleship would be one of our greatest priorities. Pray for partnerships with successful disciplemaking ministries. Pray that we’d be able to lead our churches into evangelism and serving the communities they are located in.  

Pray for our work with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) and ECO Presbyterian Church (who refuse to water down the gospel and won’t support the PC USA’s backing of gay marriage), about using VitalChurch for their denominations. They have talked about having a training event for the two of them Spring or Fall of 2018. 


Pray for onboarding of new staff. Pray for wisdom to know how to pick new staff. Pray for new staff training and development. 


Pray for Mike Merwin, the new Executive Director for VitalChurch ministry. Pray for us as we lead this ministry together. (But he is clearly now the director. I’m the Founding Partner.)


Pray for Wade Thompson in Scotland. Wade is working at a church in Durham, UK. Pray for (1) Completion of the Ministry Outcomes (MO’s) that came out of the diagnostic (2) Pray for changed lives. (3) Balance in home/work life and walk with God. Pray for Gregg who is working directly, and often on-site, with Wade. 


Pray for Tom Wilkens, as he pastors Park Church in Tinton, NJ. Pray for wisdom as he navigates the tedious issues related the elder board, conflict, and governance. Pray for the leadership team/elder board that they’d not get lost in the details of ministry and forget the important things like knowing and serving Jesus. 


Pray for Gregg Caruso as he works at Christ Community Church, Taunton, MA (A larger church). Pray for (1) Stamina for travel there from CA (2) Elder board and leadership development (3) Humility on the part of the church to repent and change. 


Pray for an interim in Southern California beginning sometime early 2018 with Steve Ignash, VitalChurch associate staff. Pray that we’d adequatly train and support him . 


Pray for me as my role will change for the next six to eight months. 

Pray for updating the reTurn Resource Kit which I need to do over the next 6 months.  Pray for us as we shoot videos on various topics for interim work so that new staff can be better equipped to do the ministry. 

Pray for the development of staff resources that will assist staff in the practical and theological facets of ministry we/they find themselves in. This could include resources in conflict management, leadership development, among other things. 

Pray for my sermon prep on new sermon series on Spiritual Formation in the Psalms. 


Pray for the Board of Directors for VitalChurch as they begin to meet later this year and early 2018. Pray that would lead wisely as we proceed in the future. Pray that we become all that God wants us to become as a ministry but also pray that we don’t extend beyond that.  


Pray for Laurel, as she works as our administrative assistant that she’d be effective. She will need to learn to work with volunteers, onboarding of new staff, and prayer