Dave & Patsy Alfors

Greetings from Cameroon!  We arrived in the capital city last night and are thankful for smooth travels and that all of our luggage arrived. This evening we will be taking the overnight train up to our city, and will arrive sometime Saturday morning, Lord willing.  We are excited to be together with our colleagues again: Scott & Lee, and Kerry. We will be moving back into the same house where we were living before.




  • Pray for the 4 Christian men Dave is meeting with that they will put into practice what they are learning about reaching out to their Mxslxm neighbors. Our co-worker and the women she is meeting with took a break over the holidays.  Pray for renewed vision and enthusiasm for following up the Mxslxm women with whom they have begun sharing the Good News.  One of the challenges Suzanne faces is her Mxslxm neighbors who bring her their children who are troubled by evil spirits.  Pray that the power of Jesus will set them free from evil spirits.  Pray that they will leave their witchcraft and trust in Jesus alone. Pray for Z, I, H who are reading / listening to God’s Word that the Holy Spirit will reveal to them that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Pray for MT and Y as they lead a group of about 18 former Mxslxms who are now following Jesus.  Most of them have suffered persecution because of their faith in Christ. Pray for unity as they meet together and for boldness to share the Good News with their families and friends.

    new fulbe bible

    May 5th, 2018, there was a large gathering of Fulbe believers to celebrate the dedication of the Arabic-script Fulfulde Bible, which has finally been printed and is ready for distribution.  It was a time of great celebration and joy! Hearing the testimonies of those who have suffered greatly for their faith but are still standing strong was a tremendous encouragement for those who are weaker in their faith.   

    -Pray that this version of the Bible will encourage the believers and lead many other Fulbe to Christ. 

    -Pray that as these brothers and sisters in Christ return home they will have the vision and encouragement to press on and reach their people with the Gospel