Dave & Patsy Alfors

Greetings from MN!  It has been so good to begin re-connecting with some of you.  We are always so encouraged as we meet with those who are praying.


Recently our missionary colleague, Kerry, visited us here in Minneapolis.  It was fun to show her around our city.  Together with Kerry we visited the mission we partner with in Cameroon, the Medical Centers of West Africa (MCWA), which has its headquarters in Baton Rouge, LA.  It was fun to connect in person with the folks there and to enjoy good southern hospitality.  Coming up we will be visiting 3 churches in the Chicago area:

              July 8 – Cornerstone EFC in Glenview, IL

              July 15 – Lyons EFC, IL

              July 29 – Lincolnshire, IL



MT is the young man who came up to Kerry and asked her to tell him about Jesus and the Bible.  Pray for MT’s wife, N, that she will have an open heart and mind to Jesus as she listens to the audio “The Way of Righteousness” lessons. MT has also been sharing what he is learning from the Bible with his friend, D, so pray for him to also be drawn to Jesus.

  Ad used to be the Quranic teacher for a chief's family. He now wants to go to the chief and begin to sow seeds of the Gospel with him. This will be an enormous risk, as all of Ad's fields were given to him by the chief, who can easily take them away.  Please pray for God to fill Ad with His Spirit and that God will open the chief's heart to hear and believe the Good News.

new fulbe bible

May 5th there was a large gathering of Fulbe believers to celebrate the dedication of the Arabic-script Fulfulde Bible, which has finally been printed and is ready for distribution.  It was a time of great celebration and joy! Hearing the testimonies of those who have suffered greatly for their faith but are still standing strong was a tremendous encouragement for those who are weaker in their faith.   

-Pray that this version of the Bible will encourage the believers and lead many other Fulbe to Christ. 

-Pray that as these brothers and sisters in Christ return home they will have the vision and encouragement to press on and reach their people with the Gospel