Dave & Patsy Alfors

Please pray for strength and wisdom as we finish up things, pack, etc. Most of all pray that God will prepare our hearts for this next term, which is probably our last 4 years in our mission field.




  • Answered Prayers

    To encourage and inspire you, below we have listed some of the ways that God answered YOUR prayers for last year's World Day of Prayer.


    We praise our faithful God for answering our prayers, confident in His continued work!  May His name be glorified until all have heard!


    We prayed:  That MBBs would mature in Christ, be filled with the Spirit, and make disciples who make disciples.


    God Answered: A is reading the scriptures with several seekers, has led one person to Jesus and baptized him, and reaches out to his family. He meets twice monthly with a group of four who are bold to share their faith.  Two believing friends intentionally share the Gospel in their city.  In another area there is a large clan who continue to develop as a community of believers.  Ten of their recently baptized members are being trained to use the Bible to teach literacy.


    We prayed:  For MBBs whose faith was cold to repent, return to Christ, and seek fellowship.


    God answered:  A (see above) meets with a remnant of MBBs who now recognize their common bond in Jesus, some of whom took part in the 2018 Ajamiya Fulfulde Bible dedication. 


    We prayed: For seekers hungry for Truth, open to follow Christ, and bold to bring the Gospel to their families and communities.


    God answered: MT, a seeker last year now follows Jesus as does his wife, and intentionally shares his faith.  Al was baptized with MT and another new believer.  Last year our team began sowing the Gospel boldly and broadly at the first meeting with new contacts in order to quickly identify true seekers and maximize their time and impact.


    We prayed: For other UPGs in Cameroon to meet Christ.


    God answered: In their current location, our team regularly cross paths with people from several UPG’s and have the privilege to share the Gospel with them. MT and his wife are actually from one of these.


    We prayed:  For the church in Cameroon to catch the vision of reaching their M neighbors.


    God answered:  A team of two Cameroonian pastors continue to cast vision and train national churches to start discipleship Bible studies in M neighborhoods.


    We prayed:  For Meskine Hospital to continue to be a light in the darkness.


    God answered:  He has sustained and protected the hospital over the last year, and it continues to provide good quality care.  The Gospel is still accessible to those who come to the hospital. 

  • new fulbe bible

    May 5th there was a large gathering of Fulbe believers to celebrate the dedication of the Arabic-script Fulfulde Bible, which has finally been printed and is ready for distribution.  It was a time of great celebration and joy! Hearing the testimonies of those who have suffered greatly for their faith but are still standing strong was a tremendous encouragement for those who are weaker in their faith.   

    -Pray that this version of the Bible will encourage the believers and lead many other Fulbe to Christ. 

    -Pray that as these brothers and sisters in Christ return home they will have the vision and encouragement to press on and reach their people with the Gospel